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Keep Your Pits Smelling Fresh All Day


Deodorant That Works!

WE: Recently changed our look and our name! My Pit Paste was formerly known as M's Homemade Pit Paste. We have also changed our containers to a more recyclable metal tin. Every single item shipped to you is recyclable as we are trying to leave a smaller footprint on the environment. We do not use excessive and unnecessary packing items. Less is better! 

WHO: We are a small family run business located in Southern California. We have been changing lives for 8 years now. Our passion is to help people. We want to rid your body odor SAFELY!

WHY: This deodorant was made because I was so tired of trying different deodorants. I could not deal with B.O. and stress sweat anymore. I was sick of wondering if I could hug a friend and not worry if they thought I stunk. I imagined a time when I no longer needed to carry around “clinical” strength deodorant that only masked my stinky pits. I hoped I would find a product to rely on and I wouldn’t cringe at the thought of “stress” sweat during an important event (stinkiest sweat of all). When you use My Pit Paste you feel confident in any situation. No more stench or embarrassing wetness.

WHAT: After many tests and trials, I finally found what works....and a bonus is that it is all natural and chemical free. This deodorant does NOT contain aluminum which has been linked to several disorders from Alzheimer’s to breast cancer. Go and grab your store bought deodorant/antiperspirant and check the ingredients. More than likely you will see aluminum, parabens, or other toxins. Those toxins build up over time and can cause disorders. You should never put metals or toxins anywhere, especially glandular areas like your armpits. My Pit Paste is safe to put anywhere on the body too (external use only). For those of you who suffer from really wet pits, this helps dry it up quickly, kills body odor, and helps with the wetness output. It also rubs in clear. Be advised, this is not an antiperspirant. Antiperspirants should be used with caution as they prevent the arm pit from releasing toxins/wetness. It is healthy to sweat.....we just don't have to be embarrassed about it any more. 

Deodorant That Works!

Ingredients: Organic Coconut Palm, Sodium Bicarbonate, Jojoba Oil, and Organic Corn Starch

Optional Scents made with doTerra Essential Oils: Peppermint, Wild Orange, Lemongrass, Eucalyptus, Balance, Grapefruit, and Cedarwood-Lime.

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APPLICATION: Since there are no binding chemicals or parabens, it comes in a jar with an applicator stick. The amount you use may vary. I typically use the actual size of a pea (small ball) under each armpit, my husband hardly uses any (he doesn't smell as bad as I do). You have to figure out your right amount. There is a slight coconut scent in the unscented jar but it does not have a scent once applied. All scents are perfect for men, women, children, and stinky teens. It's free from chemicals and is made with food products. The deodorant is made to order and will not expire for approximately 1 1/2 years.


PLEASE NOTE: Some users may be sensitive to the sodium bicarbonate in the deodorant. Studies show that the people who are sensitive to natural deodorant with sodium bicarbonate have PH issues. Here is a cocktail that will help level out PH in order to help with the sensitivity:

2 tablespoons of Bragg’s ACV

8 oz cold water

Squeeze of lemon and raw honey

Heavy shakes of tumeric, cayenne pepper, and cinnamon

Use a shaker cup to shake and mix together. Down it with a straw because its not great tasting at all!

Drink twice a day

Additional Tip:

**There is a product called RLR Treatment that will take the odors (BO) from clothes used before starting My Pit Paste.

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Below is a published piece about My Pit Paste 

by Missy Roberts

Natural Deodorant vs. The Name Brands: Is it really better? I don’t like change. I’m pretty set in my ways when it comes to beauty products. I haven’t changed shampoo brands since 2000, when the brand they discontinued in 1998 was no longer available online for twice the MSRP. Add to this the fact that I have extremely sensitive skin and I’m just not one to try new things just for fun, or because everyone else is doing it.

That’s why, when my online mommy group started buzzing about this all natural deodorant, I was skeptical. I sat back and observed countless conversations about this amazing homemade pit paste. How it works on the toughest odors. How it works better than clinical strength deodorant, even though it only has three ingredients.

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How could something that wasn’t made in a lab by a name brand I know be better than clinical strength? My inner skeptic was not convinced. After all, I’d used the same brand of deodorant since 1991 with no issues. Why fix something that wasn’t broke?

Then, the sweaty selfies started pouring in. Fierce moms who completed body combat challenges, and took two Zumba classes in one day. These weren’t women living a life of leisure, lounging around in their pajamas all day. These were active women, and some of their husbands, who worked hard and played even harder.

And they were all talking about My Pit Paste.

So I decided to try it. I requested a sample and received it in the mail shortly after. I committed to using it for a full week, and put away my store bought deodorant. I’ll admit, I was worried. There’s nothing worse than trying to carry on a conversation with a person who reeks of body odor. I didn’t want to be that person.

I started on Monday morning, first thing. The pit paste has a light coconut fragrance that is only present in the container and goes on easily. Once applied, it’s completely scent free. It feels different than traditional deodorant, but it was a pleasant feeling. I headed out for my day, starting with an hour at the gym. I put myself through the ringer; rowing machine, virtual hike in the Grand Canyon, and Zumba. I checked myself several times. Not a hint of odor after two hours. So I pressed on.

I headed to the horse barn and started the seemingly endless list of chores. After mucking out stalls, grooming horses, and throwing hay into the feeders, my clothes smelled of horse, but my pits stayed fresh and completely odorless. I was starting to like this stuff. The rest of the test week went about the same. By Thursday, I’d stopped checking my pits for funk. It was nice to go about my day without worrying.

Another wonderful thing happened. My clogged pores under my arms started to clear up, and my dry, itchy skin started to feel smooth and comfortable. Pit Paste was turning me into a believer.

The week ended and I switched back to my old deodorant. I wanted to try the old one for a week after using Pit Paste and see if there was enough of a difference to make the change. So once again I committed to a week, this time with my old faithful store brand.

I put it through the same paces, doing a sniff test every few hours to make sure I was still worthy of human contact. Halfway through my workout, I noticed an odd smell over the overwhelmingly sweet vanilla sugar scent. It wasn’t the body odor you typically associate with someone who doesn’t wear deodorant at all, but it was there. So I did something I didn’t do with Pit Paste; I reapplied.

Later that day I did another sniff test and was appalled to find that the smell was there again. So I showered in hopes that it would help and reapplied.

And it itched. It itched really bad, burned a little, and my pits felt slimy. I felt uncomfortable and self-conscious.

Within two days of going back to the brand I’d used for 24 years faithfully, I decided I couldn’t do it anymore. I made the decision to switch to My Pit Paste. Not because of all the reasons I’d scoffed at before when people spoke about natural products. But because it works. And that was enough to convince me.

By Missy Roberts

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